"We've done some fantastic things, but we think there's still a lot ahead of us and we look forward to it."

― Sam Crignano, President

Our Story

Cityzen has built an enviable reputation for its leading-edge design without compromising the quality and timeless endurance of its projects.

The company takes pride in working closely with their purchasers, trades and all levels of government to deliver homes that enhance the quality of life and place while remaining sensitive to the environment and the communities that they serve. Guided by this philosophy, Cityzen’s numerous developments like the world-renowned “Marilyn Monroe” Towers, otherwise known as Absolute, L Tower, Pier 27, Garrison Point and 158 Front Street bare witness to their commitment to excellence in design.

With over 30 years of experience, Cityzen, together with their network of strategic alliances, trusted partnerships, and strong in-house expertise, has seen the company grow and attain a leadership role in the development and home building industry. Throughout these years, Cityzen has successfully delivered several complex landmark projects across the Greater Toronto Area on-time and on budget. These include Backstage, London on the Esplanade, Aria, The Shores, The Hemingway, 88 on Broadway and The Essence.

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